Messiah 2016!! - July 2016

MJAA Promo 2016 from The Joseph Project on Vimeo.

Located in Grantham, PA at Messiah College (Where else??? :)

Israel- Small but Outstanding!

If you have never gone to Israel, you really do not know what you are missing! My wife and I have gone twice. We learned so much by seeing, by listening to our guide, Arie Ben David!!!

We recommend going with Christian or Jewish experts who understand the Bible and KNOW that you want to see where Biblical events happened!

Our favorite tours have always been with First Century Foundations.

Christian Passover or Seder

Probably the Best Reference re Messianic Judaism is this one - this link takes you to the seder info. John Parsons is very thorough and well documented information.

This looks somewhat interesting but I did not check it thoroughly for content.

More about Chosen People Ministries: A noble ministry

Conducting a Passover Seder

Elements of Messianic Passover

International Fellowship of Christians and Jews  Passover Experience

The Passover Seder Setup +

If you do a Googe Search for Messianic Seder - I am sure you will find many more resources.

- Adopted Child of Abraham